commercial projects

Land development projects and small infrastructure projects – coming soon. 

About inPlace Commercial Projects

Designing and building a property from scratch is a huge undertaking, and overseeing the building of a bespoke and custom property tailored to a highly-specific and unique design is something few companies can deliver.

At inPlace, we take pride in our reputation as a design and build company that delivers unusual and unique projects on time and budget without compromising quality, workmanship or high standards.

Our experience in the commercial sector is impeccable. We have a proven track record of making the impossible possible and dreams a reality. No matter the size of your building, its geographical location or the unique nature of your designs, the team at inPlace specialises in pushing the envelope and thinking outside of the box to go that one step further for the sake of our clients.

By working with the client throughout the entire design and build process, we offer something that is fast becoming lost in today’s commercial world — the personal touch.

We understand how deadlines matter, so if we say we are going to do something by a certain date, we will. More importantly, we will not rush any part of the design and build process because we have extensive knowledge of why each step is integral to the whole.

From the design to planning to construction and interior design, we believe in offering a high-quality service and the best quality materials to help build the property of your dreams.

When you employ our services, you are making a huge investment, and we sincerely value such a commitment. That is why we believe in proving the best value and service we possibly can. Our architects, consultants, construction team and design team have all been heavily vetted to ensure we maintain our commitment to quality and our clients.

inPlace has and always will be a design and build company you can rely on. With each project, we will be with you every step of the way, ready to address your concerns and answer your queries.

To find out how we can help develop your commercial project, contact us today and let’s start working together.